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Delca Systems offers Integrated High Quality Transportation & Traffic Engineering, Civil Engineering, Planning, Freight Logistics and Project Management Services. As well as Water & Sanitation and Retail Development Services

Our aim is to deliver customer satisfaction by providing technical and professional services that are time sensitive, quality conscious and competitively priced; and to encourage the advancement of our employees within a professional environment.

Delca Systems offers dynamic and responsive approaches to each respective field in the Engineering, Transportation and Social Development sectors, through a holistic and integrated framework.

We are proud to encompass a core of highly qualified and skilled professional and technical personnel with a broad range of experience and expertise in the fields in which we operate.

Delca Systems provides a wide range of services in both rural and urban areas to a broad spectrum of Public and Private Sector clients in the fields of:

Civil and Structural Engineering 

Project & Programme Management 

Commercial & Industrial Development 

Architectural Services 

Municipal Engineering

Transportation & Traffic Engineering  

Public Transport & Planning Systems  

Freeways & Major Roads  

Water & Sanitation  

Water Management & Control Systems  

Water Purification Systems  

Waste Management  

Energy Generation & Saving Systems  

Bio Fuels  

Freight & Logistics  

Rural Development  

"When a person applies enthusiasm to their job, the job itself will become alive with exciting new possibilities" Norman Peale

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